Moscow promo group "Synthetic Dreams" decided to create a big event in my country (Ukraine). This was to be the three days event: 1 day - Electric Universe, 2 day - Infected Mushroom, 3 day - Astrix (first time in Ukraine).It would seem that nothing can prevent this action. However this bad organizer made ​​some important mistakes. They decided to place this party in unknown village Kirillovka. It's too far from all large cities and it's not easy to get there. I have never been there before and my trip was very hard and uncomfortable.
Advertizing started just for 2 weeks before the event. My friend, who is just a visitor, has made more advertizing, than the promo-organization.As a result: first day - only 30 persons on the dancefloor! organizer decided to postpone the performance of the Electric Universe on the third day (after Astrix).Second day - 300 persons visited IM performance. I was shocked! However it was for the better - I had a lot of place for dance. It was awesome DJ set, thank you Erez and Amit, I was a crazy dancer =) After a show I had a few minutes to talk to Erez (he said that remember me from this forum, I'm so glad, hope it's true. And in future there will be an Pink Nightmares remix contest). As I could see Organizers weren't very kind with IM, guys looked a little frustrated.

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